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  • Franchising

    Learn about the benefits and scalability of franchising your business from Graham Stewart, a self-made businessman who applied franchising to build Auto Brake Service (ABS) into a national retail and wholesale business turning over in excess of $150 million per year, which he later sold to a public company.

  • Creating a Senior Management Team

    Listen to Sergio Alderuccio talk to Graham Stewart about the importance of creating a capable and committed leadership team so that you can be released to focus on growing your business.

    Working hard is vital in establishing a business, but there comes a point where you need to work smarter, not harder, so that you can transition from running the business to growing the business. To achieve this you need to have the right people in place to release you from the daily grind of getting tied down in the operations.

  • Freeing Yourself To Grow Your Business

    The big rewards come from taking a strategic role rather than an operational role. With the right people and systems in place, you can switch your focus to analysing information, performance and service, which are the cornerstones of growing the competitiveness and value of your business.

  • The Value of Seeking Sound Advice

    Even if you receive answers you already know, it can be an invaluable assurance for major business decisions. Surrounding yourself with talented people, both internally and externally, is often the domain of bigger companies, but it equally applies to smaller businesses that want to grow their size and profits.

    Q&A With Graham Stewart (ABS Brakes)

    Corey Crowden

    Graham Stewart is a self-made businessman who left school at 15 to build a national retailer, Auto Brake Service (ABS), which turned over in excess of $150 million per year and was eventually sold to a public company.

    Listen to Sergio Alderuccio talk to Graham Stewart about how freeing his schedule and changing his focus allowed him to grow his business from a local brake service operator to a national retailer turning over in excess of $150 million per year.

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